Welcome to the crazy Springer life, journey and daily walk of faith… 

I am a guy who has a talent for doing things the hard way and getting lost.  In my doing things the hard way and getting lost I have learned some great life lessons, met some incredible people and learned the value of asking for help.  My greatest accomplishment so far has been marrying my wife of 18 years, Mary and the daily humbling, crazy, funny, frustrating, joy filled adventure and precious gift of raising 4 amazing sons, Noah 15, Samuel 14, Elijah 10 and Levi 7.  I wake up every day humbly thankful for the grace and forgiveness I have received and believe that one of my greatest gifts and life’s pursuit is working with and encouraging others to do great things.

I also love  music, the arts, community development, interior design and am passionate about building relationships and meeting new and interesting people.  One of my greatest hopes is that I can use my gifts, passion an experiences to spread the incredible message of freedom that I have found through truth, love, grace and persistence to as many people as possible. 

Over the last combined 20 years it has been a privilege to serve; to serve our amazing country with the USMC during Desert Storm and to serve as a worship/music leader in Hungary, AL, IN, CA and FL.  It has also been a blessing to serve in small town America as the Executive Director of the Shelbyville, IN Redevelopment Commission and now back home in Tyler, TX as the Director of Annual Giving with Tyler Junior College.

Some recent collaborative projects are www.experienceshelbycounty.com ShelbyvilleCityVoice and co writing and recording two original songs: “Change In Me” and “Lifting Me Up”.
One of my greatest desires right now is for the Lord to heal our son Samuel of Muscular Dystrophy (MDA) and for a medical breakthrough to end this disease and rescue all the other children and families that are fighting this fight!
  • FAVORITE QUOTE: “We were never promised a perfect life, but we are all part of a bigger story… every life is an incredible chapter being written and waiting to be told…”
  • FAVORITE THINGS: Jesus, people, the Bible, family, community development, singing/song writing, host/MC events, cycling, water/snow skiing, tennis, education, places & things that are old, new and interesting…
  • FAVORITE SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 21:21, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Phillipians 4:13

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